back to reality

mexico was awesome and i really wish i was still there, especially considering the extremely lousy weather i’ve returned to here in vancouver! it was sooo hot (around 32 degrees celsius, which is close to 90 degrees fahrenheit for those of you in the u.s.) with like 95% humidity!! so that meant a lot of time spent in the pool or the ocean. we stayed at a resort, but still wandered into town, which involved a good amount of walking! here are a few shots to share with you:


super tropical!


cool street


yummy shrimp taco


the view from our room!


off to mexico!

the bf and i are leaving tomorrow for a one week holiday in puerto vallarta, mexico – a much needed vacation! i’ll be updating as soon as i’m back with a little synopsis + some photos, so stay tuned! adios amigos!

monday, monday

tee: kensie, cardigan: sisley, scarf: permanently stolen from my mom's closet(!), skirt: thrifted - orig. from zara, tights: ??, shoes: browns

i decided to dress up a little today to escape the monday blues. i think it worked!

long overdue – time to catch up!

so i’ve been really busy and not had any time for posts, till now! so here’s several pics to make up for it!

what i wore to work one day last week:

cardigan: thrifted, top: lawless, skirt: dace, tights: wolford, boots: vintage

i found my old school blazer when i was going through some boxes and decided to have a little fun playing around with it, mixing it with the boyfriend (literally the bf’s!) jeans and some heels! a very karla look, no?

blazer: from my highschool days! tee: lna, jeans: bf's levis, heels: browns

and this is lovely large sac was a present from my boyfriend for our 4 year anniversary. it’s hand-made by snootsie, formerly a local vancouver label. now tesh, the designer, has relocated to winnipeg. the bf ordered it from her and had it sent out! whatta guy!

snootsie bag from the bf

this photo was taken just earlier today before we went over to my parents house for dinner. a lovely fall day in vancouver.

cardigan: stefanel, tee: l.a. made, scarf: vintage, skirt: made out of my old tag jeans, belt: banana republic, leggings: insight, boots: vintage, bag: foley & corinna


so my mom just got back from a trip to italy (sooo jealous!) and brought me back a few little goodies, including this incredible bracelet! she bought it at RE(f)USE in rome, a store selling all these amazing one-of-a kind pieces of jewellery, bags, home accessories (the list goes on!) all made from recycled goods. great name for a store, huh? my bracelet is made from an oil filter! it is just one of many items designed under the label carmina campus, which was founded by one of the fendi sisters, Ilaria Venturini Fendi, whose high-end eco-conscious handbags have been gaining in popularity! such amazingly creative and beautiful stuff. of course the italians would be doing this!!! who better to take “old” and make it “new” AND stylish?!

thanksgiving dinner

i know i’ve been wearing a lot of black lately, but…well, i like black!! anyway this is what i wore tonight to our family thanksgiving dinner: my new sessun dress. just love it, especially the gathering at the shoulders, but because this is such a pathetic photo (or rather, i have such a pathetic camera!) you can’t really see the gathering too well! i even attempted to improve the photo on the computer by sharpening the contrast! i think it’s time i invested in a better camera. oh and maybe i could hire someone to do some professional lighting?!? i think that would help A LOT!

taking care of business

this is what i wore to work today:

sweater: club monaco

skirt: ??

belt: banana republic

tights: wolford

boots: vintage