we are a dynamic duo of two. a mix of coffee and style. a fine blend of drinks and design. i’m a caffeine addict she’s a slave to fashion. true to form, i think there is nothing sexier than a pure extraction of the good stuff. she thinks otherwise. these are our random musings. oh yeah and we like cats.


2 responses to “cupofstyle?

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the comment on my Arthur Erickson post. I would love to see some pictures from his garden! Was the fundraiser at his house on the north shore? That one that is perched on the edge of the water? If it was, that must have been stunning!!
    Oh and I was driving up Taylor Way and saw that the “residencies” north of Park Royal are a design by him. I am really excited to see what they look like!

  2. I really like your blog. . . I own a boutique in Southern California. May I send you one email per month with a pic of a new Indie Designer or new digg. If you like it, maybe you could review in your blog. Best. .

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