from lyell website

the more i see of this line from n.y., the more i like it. a local shop here sells it and i was thinking i should look into these new holiday pieces (two of them are shown below). afterall, i do have an xmas function to attend in a few weeks..!! oh, and i REALLY love the above photo, a lot. the colours, angle, use of light = work of art.


from lyell website


from lyell website


7 responses to “lyell

  1. I like the first dress best. Very unique! Glad to have you back 🙂

  2. those necklines are gorgeous!

  3. that shop seems wonderful… i love shops like those that make it seem as if you’ve walked into another world… a softer world. =) those dresses are pretty! simple yet dressy with the unique necklines

  4. i know i agree w/ tisserendipity
    and i love little vintage shops they’re always s nicely decorated and they’re total time suckers, make me want to spend the whole day there!

  5. ooh it’s so so pretty :]

  6. And to think they have no formal design background and they win those newcomer awards… geniuses!

  7. That last dress is spectacular!

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