back to reality

mexico was awesome and i really wish i was still there, especially considering the extremely lousy weather i’ve returned to here in vancouver! it was sooo hot (around 32 degrees celsius, which is close to 90 degrees fahrenheit for those of you in the u.s.) with like 95% humidity!! so that meant a lot of time spent in the pool or the ocean. we stayed at a resort, but still wandered into town, which involved a good amount of walking! here are a few shots to share with you:


super tropical!


cool street


yummy shrimp taco


the view from our room!


4 responses to “back to reality

  1. Oh wow – looks like a lovely time you had.

  2. so absolutely beautiful… don’t u wish u lived there and could wake up to that everyday? *sigh*

    ❤ good to hear from u! xoxo

  3. oh that last picture is absolutely beautiful!!

  4. ah this is great! it always gives me pleasure when people like Mexico haha (I’m from there). hope you enjoyed your trip.

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